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So, I am home today with a hurty ankle.

Got back a couple of weeks ago from Disney World (Florida, not Cali) and I now have a couple new good memories for 9/11.

See, we flew in on 9/10. Got settled, and chilled out. 9/11 came, and while Wifey and Kiddo got showered I had my moment of silence like I do every year. This year, like years past, I turned on the TV to CNN and said a prayer for my friends that were lost then and others since.

Who knew the rest of the day would make me smile like that?

First, we had reservations at Chef Mickey's for brunch. We went in, sat down to the GREATEST breakfast buffet EVAR and started to chow down. Wouldn't you know it, about halfway in, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and (I think Pluto) came out and started goofing around for the kids!!! Kiddo was ecstatic. Each one getting a hug and a kiss on the nose as they stopped at our table. (Yes, for those who want to see, I'll be in town soon, and I have short vid clips on my phone.) It was cute, it was fun, I think I have a cavity just remembering it now it was sooooo sweet.

It'd be later that night, after we had gone through Epcot and taken a nap, that there would be even more magic. As if being in the Disney with the wifey and Kiddo weren't enough.

See, Kiddo loved the Dumbo ride. When we initially went back into the park, it was hot, sticky, and sunny. Wifey and I knew standing in a ling was not worth it. So we went to other rides. Later, on the way out, we passed by and the line wasn't so bad. It was getting dark though, so we figured it would be the last one before we left for the night. Wouldn't you know it? about 2 seconds after the Dumbos start to spin (Yes, just as we got the elephant as high as it would go) the fireworks started. When it stopped, they were still going.

We stood there for awhile, watching them go off and hearing the story as they went off. They were beautiful, but being rightnexttowherethey'regoingoff, they were also loud. Pretty soon, Kiddo was scared, so we decided to leave.

I took that as a sign, a hint from the universe that we're doing well and we should visit again. And we will. We had so much fun, and I got such great memories to replace that day, I only hope that Kiddo can remember that trip, and that our next one is just as much fun.
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...sat down to the GREATEST breakfast buffet EVAR...

You know I will make you suffer for that remark right ^_^
Yeah, but considering that the timing of my visit will depend on you, I think it's fair trade.